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Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim

PROJECT BY 傅有薇邱柔瑄陳小圓, Valentina Hölzl, Carina Lindmeier, Mario Buchberger

The Micro Architecture Studio aimed at creating a concept for a zero carbon architecture resp. an energy self-sufficient city: What processes are needed to achieve an association between human – nature and the city? What does the future city in, let’s say, the year 2100 look like, a city that is climate neutral and functions in harmony with nature?

The starting point for the scenario “Sink or Swim” is a dystopia – We are in the year 2364, and the world has only two climate zones: extremely hot, extremely cold! So how can humans still exist under such apocalyptic conditions?


A mobile, floating city moving back and forth between the two climate zones, self-sufficient in its supply and making use of the extremes: During the summer, intensive agriculture is carried out in the warm climate, while ice for the trip is collected and livestock raised during the winter. The city is supplied by a sophisticated energy concept – hybrid, with hydro, wind and solar power, plus methane gas. All excess energy is stored by using electrolysis to convert electricity into H2 and O2. H2 in combination with CO2 becomes methane and can be stored. The accumulated energy is readily available to be used by the floating city at any time. A positive side effect is that the CO2 can be eliminated from the atmosphere and converted into energy.